Here at Guru Graphics we enjoy to work in a relaxed and friendly environment, with high quality standards. Here's a general overview on our approach to the most common web development-related jobs, so you will know what you will face while working with us.

1] planning

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” because satisfying our customers’ needs is our main priority. We take planning very seriously at all times and especially at the beginning, when we can still easily change all aspects of the project. All our projects therefore begin with a precise plan of what we are going to do. We collect as much information as we can from our customers first, to understand exactly how we should structure the project. This process will begin with you providing us with a completed form that thoroughly explains your needs and preferences, as well as your expectations from us.

2] research

After completing a plan we do a market research about your company. Industry analysis helps us to identify the main trends in the market and also to understand your competitors, suppliers and buyers’ necessary attributes for your project. The outcome of your research will enable us to create the best site in your sector that meets your business goals and your customers’ needs.

3] wireframing

For those looking to build a website of any shape or size, wireframes are the foundation on which to start building! The process is called wireframing and it is an important first step in your screen design process. It establishes the specific size and placement of elements on each webpage. In other words wireframing is a visual representation of a user interface, a floor plan, before visual design and content is added.

4] design

When the wireframes are agreed, we will proceed to the design stage of your project. When creating a design for your project we will focus on your corporate identity and styling preferences. You will be completely involved in the design process and we will do our best to satisfy your highest expectations.

5] development

At this stage our developers start transforming the picture created by the designers into a working responsive website. They work hard to ensure all the applications are responsive, secure and work well to your specific needs. They also look for and resolve any anticipated issues each application may face, to ensure that they operate in a smooth, smart and simple way. Part of this process will involve them looking at the front-end and the back-end code, to monitor every aspect of the website and to guarantee you a fully functional website.

6] optimisation

Once the website is fully developed, designed and is functioning well, the next period is the optimisation stage. Your website will be optimised at this point for a search engine. This is to make sure that your site is found within the first few pages on Google….ideally on the first page! We optimise the loading time of pages and address possible minor issues that may affect the performance of your website.

7] beta testing

The beta testing phase is a very important step towards ensuring your website is ready to be launched on the World Wide Web without any major technical hitches. The website is almost ready at this stage. We download it to one of our Internal Services - not available to the public, and start simulating custom issues that may happen to the website or on it. First, we test whether everything functions well on the website. Secondly, we generate errors to check out if the system will still cope with them. We stress these issues to make sure that the website will remain stable, should similar issues occur and then finally, we try to hack the website like hackers do. We know exactly how hackers work and it is very important to us to know that we have made your site as hack-proof as we can. After that it is your turn to test the website. We will give you access to our server so that you can check the website yourself. If you don’t like anything, we will improve it for you.

8] launch!

The project can only reach this final launch stage once it is complete and the customer is one hundred percent satisfied. Your website will go live only when it is ready to be used by visitors and you are absolutely confident for us to launch it. We will also be more than happy to provide you with a hosting solution and stay in touch with you to provide ongoing website maintenance. Furthermore, we at Guru Graphics are passionate to provide you with future services for Website Development or Design. We are self-assured that we have the proficiency and customer know-how to help you to to achieve tailor-made solutions.