How to remove your website from Google sandbox

How to remove your website from Google sandbox First of all, let’s make it clear what a sandbox is. Sandbox is when your website is weighted down by Google’s ranking algorithm; and as the result all the classic ways to improve your website ranking do not work (link to How to develop your ranking on Google and lead the head of Google search on SFAD page). There are two main reasons why such a situation might occur: when you purchase a new domain and if you post low quality content on your site. In other words, Google is taking time to review the quality of your performance on a website, either because you are too young or you have miss-behaved. These days it is easy to buy a domain for a few dollars; hence, Google wants to make sure it does not allow nasty or useless content to overload the web. The only way to not get inside Google sandbox or to get out of Google sandbox, is to publish consistently good quality content. Here are some tips. Sources for getting links Guest blogging. Write a good quality article together with original visual content and offer it to someone within your industry. They will receive great content for their page, and you will get it linked back to your web page. Use people and businesses relevant to your industry. Blogging. A good formula is to upload at least 20 articles a month from 300 to 500 words on your website. The ideal scenario is to share the blog posts on social media too, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or PRNewswire for press releases. More details here: How to promote your website online and get more web traffic on SFAD page Common mistakes Term “Google sandbox” is really overused. There can be a number of reasons why your website is not climbing up Google ranking, which is an altogether whole new topic. If you are in Google sandbox, your site will not be in the index at all. If it is indexed but is very low in the rankings, then you are not in Google sandbox. Many start ups and small businesses try ranking for a very competitive term. Let’s say ‘fitness’ of ‘wellness’. As the result, the battle is too hard to win. Try going for a less competitive but more specific terms to start of with. For example: ‘pregnancy fitness’. If you overload your inbound links with one keyword as the anchor text, you have high chances of being punished by a Penguin penalty. You should receive a warning in Google Webmaster Tools if that is the case. How to get out of Google sandbox If you are sure that your website is in Google sandbox, it is time to take urgent actions as there is no easy and quick way out. On average it can take between 4 to 8 months to get your website to a healthy Google ranking state. Steps out: Get rid of the penalty. Get rid of poor quality links; improve content; polish your website and then submit it for review to be reconsidered. It might not work from the first trial, so keep cleaning and submitting until it works and your website gets accepted. Develop credibility. Attract high quality links. Make them useful and well-written. Develop social media/ content marketing side. Keep updating, constantly. Good luck!